Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Music on my mind and other interesting stuff

I went to the P!nk concert last week. It was fantastic. We had pretty great seats and she sounded amazing. I will admit that I was a little upset with some of the songs she chose to do for the show. She left out a few of my favorites from the new album and did a few that I don't particularly care for. She did all kinds of acrobatics including flying across the arena and over our heads. She did a few of my favorite songs, including "Family Portrait" which made me cry. I understand the turmoil of a broken family. My family broke when I was 28 years old. You would think I was old enough to handle it all and that I would understand. Instead, I'm still the girl that hopes her parents will get back together someday. Is it silly? Absolutely! My mom never appreciated my dad's humor (which is fantastic) and my dad never appreciated my mom enough to give up his vices. I get it. But I miss holidays with both my parents at the same time. Eating two dinners is not really as fun as it sounds.

Other music related news, I am REALLY geeked about the new Depeche Mode album that is coming out. I have been a fan for a long time but it was dormant for a while. This new album has renewed my love for them. I think David Gahan is not only vocally gifted but I love to watch him wiggle around the stage in his live performances. Martin Gore is a musical genius. Andy Fletcher...well...he's just there. I saw that Depeche Mode will be touring the US. I will be going...even if it is by myself.

And some personal news...I am uber excited about this summer. Not only will it be summer and awesome in itself, but my band will be playing some really cool shows. We will FINALLY be playing at Put-in-Bay! Sure it's on a Wednesday and Thursday but who frickin' cares! IT'S THE BAY!!!!


Iris Took said...

Awesome! What dates at the Bay?? What bar?

I heard the Pink concert was incredible from a few ppl.

The Diva said...

We'll be at Mr. Ed's at the Bay on June 26-27. GOOOOOOOO!