Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Detail

Friday I went out with my girls. Ashley and Sarah have quickly become my BFFs. I can tell them anything and they understand me. And they aren't catty bitches either, which is extra nice. We went and played Name that Tune at O'Reilly's. That was a great time except when the dicked us on points because half the bar just happened to be on our team. Then Ashley and I invited the host boys out. They were cool and came out and bought us a shot, but then they left because they couldn't handle our awesomeness.

Saturday, my band played at Rivalry's in Temperance. The boyfriend came out so that was nice. The sister came out so that was also nice. The show went well. We got a lot of good feedback.

Sunday, went to breakfast for my sister's birthday. Then I went and got my new phone. It's a Samsung Rant and it was just released. And it's pretty and it's red! It makes me happy. Went to the grocery store. Went to band practice. Went home. Stayed up too late.

And that brings us today. I hate Monday days. But I love Monday nights. CHUCK AND HEROES!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bloggity Blog

I'm new to this spot. I haven't been an avid blogger in a long time. But I'm gonna try because I like to think I'm interesting, even if no one else does. And work still lets me get to this site. Effing Web Nazis!

I start with some generalities about myself.

I'm a mom, a girlfriend, a singer and a customer service representative. I'm 31 years old. I'm too young to be 31 and too old be running around in bars (which is probably my favorite past time.) I'm a little ridiculous most of the time. I kinda just say what I think. Some people don't understand my thinking. Some people understand my thinking as if they live in my brain. I love almost everyone and usually tell you to your face that I do, even if I don't know you.

I think that's it. If I don't know you, nice to meet you. If I do know you, I missed you!