Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rather important information

I'm almost single. My boyfriend, Troy, of nearly 4 1/2 years is moving out within the next month or so. I'm sad but I will be ok. We have grown apart over the years. Some of my nuances finally got to be too much for him. I have cried, I have been a little angry but mostly I know that I will be ok. This has been coming on for a few months now.

Part of me is even a little excited. I'm going to show that I'm a big girl and take care of myself again. I can celebrate holidays again and not feel guilty about them.

I will miss him a lot. He has been my best friend and sometimes only friend.

It is now time for Gina. Gina is doing her band thing and doing it well. Gina is spending more time with her daughter.

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Ms. Bee said...

Enjoy this new step in your life and embrace it with open arms!