Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm sorry....so sorry

First, I did not realize that there had been comments on my blog. I'm an idiot. I will allow you to spank me and I will try not to like it.

Now..on with the show.

At work, I have a group of friends. They all seem to love when I tell stories. Probably because I usually write the same way I speak. I guess that's exciting. So...I had got in the habit of writing what we called "Dear Diarys." I usually write them after a night of being out. Weekend editionsa get a little long but I am a little detailed. So I have decided to start posting them here as well.

Here is the Friday Night edition.

Dear Diary,

Friday night was insane. I left work, picked up Alexandria, stopped at Dots, bought a new shirt, went home and got ready and dropped off Alexandria at a slumber party. This made me about 45 minutes late to meet my friend Ceci. We were going to Fusion Bistro where Ashley was with Heather for dinner.

By the time I got there, Ashley and Heather had eaten. Ceci had had two martinis. We sat there for a good 30 minutes after I got there and no one asked if I wanted a drink or anything. Eff that. Ashley was leaving anyway. And I'm not all that crazy about their menu selection, so Ceci and I decided to go to Basin St. Grille were Jeff was supposed to be playing. They have good food so it was no problem.

We walk in and there is no Jeff Stewart. He got canceled because of the economy. This made me sad. Perhaps that is why I felt the need to have 3 martinis while I was sitting there. I had stuffed calamari for dinner. It was pretty tasty. Ceci and I chatted and caught up. It was a great time. Ceci is someone that I love dearly and always forget to invite her out with me. But I really enjoy her company. She's very funny.

We parted ways, I headed to Club Soda. Catch 33 was playing and I had to talk to Michael about the booking that he gave us without telling us. (I love those!) So I walk in and I realize that I have a pretty good buzz going. I walk in and talk to the band boys because they hadn't started playing yet. I had a lovely conversation with Lyle and how irresistable we both are because we are Geminis. Lyle really gets into astrology. (Just so you know, I typed that as asstrology first and laughed.) I talked to Garrett a little and then I went to the bar to get a drink. My friend Brandon had just got there to meet up with me. He bought my drink and we sat and chatted a little. Then I wanted to smoke. And then it gets SUUUUUUUUUUUPER BLURRY from there. So blurry, that I had to be reminded of things I was saying and doing.

I will give them to you in bullet points because it's fun.

- The band bought about 20 shots and told people to come on stage and dance to have one. I went up and danced and had a shot.
- I left the stage and grabbed two more, I shared with Brandon.
- I pointed out that I was drunk while smoking.
- I said that I could hardly stand.
- I was hugging the pillar that was in front of my chair.
- "I love this pole."
- I love big black poles.
- "I'm sliding off my chair" (way better when you see Craig do it)
- I sent texts to people I know but they never actually go through.
- I sent texts to people I know and say "Oh hot dayum this is my jayum"
- I wasted my time texting stupid boys.
- I sent texts to people I don't know because I entered the wrong number. Said person might be a brother of a very good friend.
- I told people that I was drunk...a lot.
- I jumped out of my chair and said I had to dance.
- I was the only person on the dancefloor.
- I probably stumbled a lot.
- Kelly, the bartender, tried to give me and Brandon a shot for free. I told her I was done. She gave Brandon a shot and gave me a shot of Red Bull. She also gave me chips. That's love.
- BTW...I was done drinking before 12.

So kids, that's my fun night. Apparently, I was very amusing to watch. You really should hear Brandon and Craig talk about it. The good news is, I have four gigs booked there!

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