Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello Blogworld!

I haven't been here for quite some time. Life is changing again. Still married, still happy. Got a new job and loving it. I'm no longer chained to a desk and can pee whenever I want to. I seem to have a little more free time while at work, so why not get into a little blogging.

I don't have a certain theme that I will be carrying here. I'm not quite sure what I will be doing at all. Perhaps I will vent about traffic sometimes, or stupid people in general. I am hoping to share some of my favorite songs with you and the reasons I love those songs. (sort of like Nick Hornby did in the book "Songbook" but my songs will be better than his.)

Plus, it will give me a chance to maybe follow some more blogs. I currently follow Coming Unstitched (my best friend and future personal stylist should I ever become famous) and Clumps of Mascara (mostly because I'm a mascara junkie and she tries all of them!) You should follow them too!

So...welcome and enjoy. Feel free to read previous posts about the night my husband and I met and some drunken escapades.

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Iris Took said...

Hooray! I am happy you have your urination freedom once again. Congrats on the new job.