Thursday, October 20, 2011

*wipes the dust off*

Hey out there. I'm still here. I figured I would put a little update type of post up here since I have started following a few blogs.

The last post I have here in 2008 has me giddy about a boy CS. CS turned into Chad, who turned into my fiance 6 months later and turned into my husband May 29, 2010. We are doing very well and still don't hate each other. :)

My daughter is doing well. Growing into quite a lovely young lady. She's 11, funny and beautiful. She's my mini-me and I love it.

The band is doing very well. We had some major gigs this past year. We're hoping for bigger and better things in the upcoming year. Check us out


Iris Took said...

AMAZING! A post! I still read that last one from time to time and crack up. CS.

Great seeing you.

Iris Took said...

Oh, and YOU ROCK!